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France: € 2,500 to those who leave cars for electric bicycles

France will most likely be included in the list of giving countries financial incentives for citizens to leave the old ones cars their and turn to more sustainable means of transport, such as electric bicycles (e-bikes).

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France: € 2,500 to citizens to leave cars and buy electric bicycles

The European country will offer to the citizens 2.500 euro ($ 2.975) to abandon their old car set pollutes the environment and get an electric bike.

However, this proposal has not been formalized.

Earlier this week, lawmakers in France approved the measure in a preliminary vote. This measure is proposed in the context of one climate change bill, aimed at reduction of pollutant emissions and the greenhouse effect by 40% by 2030.

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According to Reuters, the French Federation of Bicycle Users (FUB) claims that if France goes ahead with this plan, it will be the first nation in the world to give people money to exchange old things. cars with new electric bicycles.

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France electric bicycles
France: € 2,500 to citizens to leave cars and buy electric bicycles

"For the first time it is recognized that the solution is not to make cars greener, but to reduce their numberSaid Olivier Schneider of FUB.

However, some have expressed doubts about the Federation's claim of primacy, since There have been similar programs in other countries.

For example, as pointed out by Martti Tulenheimo, its head Finnish Cyclists' Federation, Finland has made a similar move by offering subsidies for more than 2.000 bicycles, 1.000 new low-emission cars and public transport tickets.

Η Λιθουανία he also did something similar last year. It Environmental Project Management Agency (APVA) of the country offered the residents 1.000 euros ($ 1.200) to leave their old cars. Then the money could be used for escooters, electric bicycles, public transport tickets etc.

The program was considered successful, as more than 8.500 citizens applied for the grant.

Source: TheNextWeb

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