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Cyber-bullying and blackmail led a teenager to commit suicide

A teenager from New York had fallen victim of cyber-bullying and online bullying, a situation that led him to suicide.

His family 15-year-old Riley K. Basford says that their son was deceived and shared "personal" photos through social media. The teenager thought he was sending pictures to a girl, but he had fallen victim to a scammer.

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Cyber-bullying suicide
Cyber-bullying and blackmail led a teenager to commit suicide

After receiving the photos, the scammer threatened to publish them on the internet and send them to Basford family and friends. To avoid it, the teenager had to give him $ 3.500.

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The victim's family says Riley He was "bombarded" with threats via Facebook, before deciding to end his life in Potsdam, New York, on March 30.

"I start crying when I think about the panic and pain my baby felt to make this decision and when I think that someone out there does not even care about what he did to her" said Basford's mother, Mary Rodee. "He is so sick and I want everyone to know".

Basford's family said the teen's last morning was a typical breakfast. The young victim fed the family animals, spent time with his relatives and visited his dentist.

teen suicide
Cyber-bullying and blackmail led a teenager to commit suicide

But at noon, the teenager started receiving threatening messages through social media. Within hours, he was dead.

"They kept bombing him and bombing him, and he finally brokeSaid Riley's father, Darren Basford. "He thought it was the only solution, because he did not want to be ashamed".

Basford's mother said her son had shown no signs of mental illness before committing suicide. Describe his actions as a result "a moment of madness, in a young brain that could not process the final result of the decision it made".

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Basford's father warned parents to watch their children closely on the internet and social media. "Must talk to your children for all social media, to know who they are talking to and teach children to understand who they are talking to", he said.

Source: Infosecurity Magazine

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