HomesecurityMaybank: Beware of a new fake website coming out

Maybank: Beware of a new fake website coming out

Maybank has released an update alerting customers to a new fake Maybank2u website created by fraudsters to steal customer banking information.


In a Twitter post, Maybank reported that scammers will try to lure customers to connect to fake Maybank2u websites via messages sent via WhatsApp, SMS or email.

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These messages are intended to mislead customers into revealing their personal information - such as username, password, phone number and IC number - usually with false claims that their accounts have been compromised or deemed "high risk" by the system. bank and that the user is required to "verify" his details.

Maybank said the company never sends reminders via SMS, email or WhatsApp with links that encourage users to log in or update their Maybank2u account.

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As an added security measure, remind customers to enter the Maybank2u URL - - manually to access their account, as links provided by others may not be secure.

The company also issued a notice in February about a fake Maybank2u website used by fraudsters for phishing attacks. Customers received the fake link through an advertising post on Facebook with the promise that they would win some prizes.

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Customers who may have revealed their Maybank2u login details on a fake website are kindly requested to contact the bank immediately.

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