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Students auctioned off their black classmates via snapchat

As shown by a screenshot of Snapchat that went viral on Twitter, some students in Texas wanted to hold an auction of slaves of their colored classmates.

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His white students Aledo ISD, put prices on other students of color in a group chat called “n ***** auction”. The incident allegedly happened two weeks ago, according to Fox 4, but the screenshot was an occasion to turn attention again to the racism that exists in schools.

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The civil rights lawyer S. Lee Merritt posted the screenshot on Tuesday:

«White students from @AledoISD hosted a slave auction on Snapchat, where they sold their black classmates for between $ 1 and $ 100. Racism that spreads in our politics, public security, our national security, is incubated in our schoolsSaid Merritt.

In the photo, a student says another student is worth $ 1 because «it would be better if his hair was not so bad».

The school informed parents of the incident via email, which it describes as "cyberbullying," according to NBC, initially ignoring the racial discrimination that took place.

As one teacher explained to NBC, trying to justify the school's original statement, "It softens the blow for those who may feel uncomfortable talking about racism."

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Twitter users, for their part, criticize the screenshot as a clear indication racism.

"Get rid of them," said one Twitter user.

"Remove the concealment of their names. Eliminate any participating students. No one cares about their parents who taught them to be disgusting racists - racism is not hereditary. "Or if their expulsion will harm their prospects in life," said someone else.

"I can not even realize it," said one account.

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According to NBC, the school inspector finally issued a new statement condemning the racism of the project, saying it had no place in the school community.

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