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Spotify's Car Thing has been released to select users in the US

The first Spotify gadget has been released. Car Thing, a voice control device for Spotify only, was released today to select users. It is a special device with Bluetooth connection for controlling Spotify without the need for a phone screen, which seems to be intended for people who drive older cars without built-in entertainment systems or telephone connections.

Car Thing Spotify

Before we get into the details of the device, let's focus on the basics. Car Thing is only available as a "limited launch". You can subscribe to the waiting list and hope Spotify will contact you. Available only to users USA and you must sign up for Spotify Premium to qualify. Another thing to know: if you choose to try out Car Thing, the device is free, but you have to pay for shipping.

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The device is surprisingly small and light. It has a slim profile and has two visible buttons on the front, a small one that serves as a back button and a larger button that allows you to interact with what is on the screen. There is no speaker, so it is easier to think of the device as a Spotify remote control. Yes, you could use your real phone to play Spotify content, but instead, Spotify bets that you want to handle the app with your voice.

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As for the hardware, Car Thing goes with a Bluetooth phone. You need this phone for data connection, so yes, users will require a decent amount of data to stream. Spotify noted that at this time, there is no way for users to select only from the content they have downloaded, although this functionality could come in the future. Car Thing does not have a speaker and essentially controls the Spotify app on your phone. It is a strange arrangement.

The device has a 12V adapter to which you will connect the supplied cable USB-A to USB-C. The Car Thing does not include a rechargeable battery and must be connected at all times. The device also comes with three different bases: a vent mount, a dashboard mount and a CD player mount. You can attach a magnetic component to these bases, which then allows you to easily remove the Car Thing.

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Once installed, you can interact with Car Thing in three ways: through your voice using the "Hey Spotify" command, through its buttons, or through its touch screen. It also has four default buttons on the top of the device, which you can set to specific content.

Source of information: theverge.com


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