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Grace CPU: NVIDIA's first ARM-based data center processor


Following her example Apple released the M1 chip and "passed" Intel, η NVIDIA creates it now its own ARM-based processor, called Grace (inspired by scientist Grace Hopper). Grace CPU is the NVIDIA's first data center processor, designed in such a way that to meet the requirements of the most advanced applications, such as AI supercomputing and natural language processing (NLP). Powered by ARM Neoverse cores and will be integrated into the company's latest GPU technology.

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Grace is a highly specialized processor that targets workloads, such as the training of next generation NLP models, with more than 1 trillion parameters. In combination with But by the full GPU acceleration tech NVIDIA, a system based on Grace CPU, will offer 10x faster performance from today's state-of-the-art NVIDIA DGX συστή systems based on x86 processors.

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"Innovative AI technology and data science push today's computer architecture beyond its limits, as they process unimaginable amounts of data"He said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. "Combined with the GPU and DPU, the Grace CPU gives us the third fundamental computing technology and the ability to restructure the data center to promote AI. NVIDIA is now a three-chip company".

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NVIDIA has already found buyers for the new hardware. So much for it Swiss National Supercomputing Center (CSCS) as well as the Los Alamos National Laboratory announced that they would use Grace CPU-based supercomputers to step up their research efforts.

Grace processor

Grace systems will rely heavily on NVLink technology NVIDIA, which will be able to provide 900 GB / s speeds between CPUs and GPUs. NVIDIA claims that it is about 30 times faster than the top servers today.

The Grace processor will also use one innovative LPDDR5x memory subsystem which will offer double bandwidth and improved energy efficiency compared to DDR4 memory.

Finally, the Grace CPU will be supported by NVIDIA HPC software development kit and its complete suite CUDA® and CUDA-X ™ libraries assisting scientists and researchers working on important projects.

According to the company, the Grace data center processor will be available in 2023.

Source: Engadget, NVIDIA Newsroom

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