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SpaceX: The Starship SN15 has a Starlink online dish

Her original Starship SN15 spacecraft SpaceX, has a Starlink web dish, which will allow the rocket to access the Internet, even when it is on another planet.

Starship SN15 Starlink

As discovered by Carter Goode, spotted a Starlink dish on the Starship SN15 as the next-generation spacecraft sits on the take-off platform of the SpaceX facility in Boca Chica, Texas, before its test flight this week.

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There are currently more than 1.300 Starlink satellites orbiting the Earth, with plans to develop a constellation of up to 42.000 satellites in the coming years.

Starlink's broadband network is already operating in some areas USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom, and some aircraft and cargo ships are also expected to use it.

Speeds will compete with current fiber-optic broadband, but Starlink is not built to serve people in residential areas. The idea is to provide Internet connectivity in places where access is usually poor or completely unavailable.

SpaceX aims to continue expanding the Starlink network to achieve "near-global population coverage in 2021".

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Starship SN15 Starlink

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the Space Internet project would be used to fund his ambition to colonize Mars by 2050.

The billionaire, who earlier this year briefly became the richest man on Earth, has often spoken of his goal of transforming humanity into a multi-planetary species in order to ensure his future survival.

Last month he reiterated his commitment to use his vast wealth to make this a reality.

As he wrote on Twitter: "About half of my money is intended to help problems on Earth and the other half to build a self-sustaining city in Mars, to ensure the continuation of life (of all kinds) in the event that the Earth is hit by a meteorite such as dinosaurs or World War III occurs and we destroy ourselves.»

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Both Starlink and Starship will prove vital to the colonization of Mars, with the former possibly funding the development of the latter.

Musk hopes to generate up to 100 Starlink per year, each capable of carrying up to 100 people. Crew flights could take place as early as next year, with the first commercial voyage already scheduled for 2023.

To achieve this, SpaceX is carrying out an extremely ambitious test program that has already seen four major high-altitude flight tests since December. All four crashed the spacecraft, although Musk claims that major upgrades to the Starship SN15 will lead to a successful flight and landing.

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