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Houston: Domino pizzas are delivered by self driving cars

Nuro is a company that has not received the attention it deserves. The Nuro R2 self-driving car is the only vehicle approved by the US Department of Transportation to operate despite the fact that it is not controlled by humans. Now, this robot is entering the delivery business of the famous Domino pizza.


Domino and Nuro announced Monday that the standalone car is only for customers located near a store in the area. Houston, but even that is really fantastic.

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On certain days and intervals, customers can request their pizza to be delivered via Nuro R2, if they prepay their order online. Domino will select a customer at random to execute the delivery order and the customer will receive notifications indicating exactly where the little robot is. They will also receive a PIN that will allow them to pick up their order when it arrives.

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Once R2 arrives at the destination, the customer enters the PIN on the touch screen and the doors will open to reveal the food inside.

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Nuro announced this program in 2019 and said it planned to work with Domino to use its latest self-driving R2 car. At the time, he was still working on what he called R1. THE Nuro He has previously worked with Kroger to deliver groceries from select stores in Arizona, so he has experience in this type of project.

Source of information: cnet.com


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