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The Google Pixel smartwatch will be released with a circular design

Images of Google's first smartwatch, codenamed "Rohan", have been released by Jon Prosser, showing that Google plans to adopt a circular design for its flagship wearable watch.


Prosser shared the odds in an episode of his YouTube show "Front Page Tech," in which he claims they were created based on material he had seen from a Google source. The results show that the Pixel watch will adopt the circular design without bezel, without buttons, except for a crown on the right.

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The screen itself, unlike the Apple Watch, has a completely circular shape. Internally, the Pixel Watch will have a heart rate sensor, but so far it remains unknown whether it will have more advanced health features, such as blood oxygen monitoring.

Like the Apple Watch, which allows users to exchange and change bands, Google will offer about 20 band options for the Pixel Watch, according to Prosser.

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The watch will likely run WearOS, Google's smartwatch operating system. In terms of traffic, Prosser says the watch will debut "sometime in October", but warns users to be cautious, given Google's habit of delaying and even canceling products altogether.

In 2019, Google signed a $ 40 million deal with watchmaker Fossil to take over the smartwatch division. As a result of the deal, the Fossil smartwatches joined Google's WearOS family and also sparked widespread speculation that Google intends to create its own smartwatch to compete with the Apple Watch.

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In addition to the changes to make it thinner, lighter and have a larger screen thanks to the smaller bezels, its design Apple Watch remains largely the same since its release in 2015.

Source of information: macrumors.com

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