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Google: "Heads Up" watches us if we use our cell phone while walking

In November last year, XDA's Mishaal Rahman spotted an upcoming feature called Heads Up. At that time, we learned that the feature would alert users who are walking and at the same time using their mobile phone to be careful to avoid accidents. The feature is now available to Google Pixel users with the latest beta update from Digital Wellbeing.

Heads Up Google

Jay Prakash Kamat, who first spotted the new feature on Pixel 4a and shared the following screenshots with Twitter users:

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As you can see, the function has not changed much since it was first detected last year. The setup screen displays the same description: “Watch your steps with Heads Up… If you walk while using your phone, you will receive a reminder to focus on what is around you. Use it wisely. Heads Up is not a substitute for human attention. ” Clicking the "Next" button at the bottom of this screen starts the installation process, after which the feature will send you some caution reminders every time you use your phone while walking.

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You can find the new Heads Up feature in the "Reduce Interruptions" section in the app settings Digital Wellbeing. Once enabled, you can find some additional settings in the same section. There is a new toggle to turn off reminders, "Physical activity and Location" license controls and a feedback option.

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For now, the new Heads Up feature appears to be available only on Google Pixel devices with the latest Digital Wellbeing beta update. In case you have not received it yet, you can update to the latest beta by following this link of the Play Store and participate in the beta program.

At this time, we do not have information regarding the wider availability of the function. However, we expect the company to release the feature on more Android devices in the near future.

Source of information: xda-developers.com


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