HomesecurityDo not use your pet's name as a password

Do not use your pet's name as a password

According to research, UK consumers continue to endanger their internet security by using weak passwords, such as their pet name.

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pet name password

A warning from the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) revealed that 15% of the population uses a pet name as part or all of a password, 14% use a family member name and 13% choose a remarkable date.

The NCSC also found that 6% of people still use the word "password" as a password, as does "123456", with favorite sports teams and some TV shows also being a popular choice.

The numbers released by the NCSC seem to indicate the bad habit that many users still have when creating passwords for online accounts.

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«We may be an animal-loving nation, but using your pet's name as a password could make it an easy target for cybercriminals.", Noted the NCSC Director of Policy and Communications, Nicola Hudson.

«I urge everyone to visit and follow our guidelines for setting secure passwords, suggesting the use of passwords consisting of three random words.»

pet name password

Instead of pet names, the NCSC recommends creating passwords consisting of three random words to ensure a higher level of security, especially if the words are not related.

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The agency also found that 27% of Britons said they now have at least four new password-protected accounts compared to last year, with 6% adding more than 10 new accounts in the last 12 months.

The temptation to re-use passwords on multiple accounts is possible, but NCSC recommends that you have a separate password for each account, and because it would be difficult to remember so many passwords, it recommends using a password manager.

NCSC offers the tool Cyber ​​Action Plan to create custom codes and free tips to improve user security by attacks on the Internet.


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