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Ducati is not going to build electric motorcycles soon

It seems that Ducati is not going to build electric motorcycles, at least in the near future.

In Motorcycle News (MCN), Ducati sales representative Francesco Milicia gave some additional information about the Italian company's plans to build electric motorcycles.

 "Will we soon produce an electric Ducati? No. "We believe that for the type of engine we are producing now, an electric motorcycle cannot guarantee the enjoyment, range, weight and many other features that Ducati riders expect," he said.

Ducati electric motorcycles

Soon is the keyword here. However, the Italian brand did not completely write off the idea of ​​building an electric bicycle.

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"We are part of a team that is moving fast towards electricity and this is a good opportunity for Ducati," Milicia told MCN.

It's a little complicated to go into all the details, but in a circular way, Ducati is owned by Audi, which is owned by VW. Needless to say, these companies have given a lot of weight to EV.

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However, it is important for Ducati. Porsche, which also owns VW, is considering synthetic fuels and this seems to have caught the attention of the bike manufacturer.

"We are also carefully considering other solutions for zero or minimal emissions, such as synthetic fuel," Milicia said. "It's something we're looking at in the medium term."

Emblematic brands are forced to walk a tightrope right now, balancing between their heritage and the characteristics that consumers know and love, while rediscovering themselves with modern engines for a low-emission future.

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For a brand rich in history and imagination, it is understandable that Ducati is moving slowly as it drives into a low-emission future.

It is worth noting that his Triumph United Kingdom has just started talking about its new electric platform which is under construction and is going to power many of its vehicles.

Source of information: thenextweb.com


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