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Sony: Expands mobile gaming by bringing PlayStation games to mobile

Apparently, the Sony trying to extends the Gaming on mobile devices and is said to intend to Customize many popular PlayStation franchises on iPhone and iPad.

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The company issued a announcement for a new job in California. According to the announcement, Sony wants a person for his role "Head of Mobile, PlayStation Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment“. The person who will win the position will "arranges all aspects of extending game development from consoles and PCs to mobile and live services", But with emphasis on"successful adaptation of the most popular PlayStation mobile franchises".

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Also, the person who will get the job, will be responsible for "set up a team and will be the head of this new business unit".

The above announcement shows that Sony is in a hurry to expands mobile gaming, although it may take some time to achieve what he wants. The Eurogamer reports that it may take three to five years.

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The PlayStation Mobile publishing label already exists and works and has brought some titles for mobile devices, such as “Run Sackboy! Run! ” and "Uncharted: Fortune Hunter."

Sony has previously had a significant presence in mobile gaming through Xperia Play smartphone and portable PlayStation consoles Portable and PS Vita. Also, users can play PlayStation games via iPhone or iPad using the Remote Play app. However, it seems that now it wants to expand its efforts in the mobile gaming industry.

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Sony is following suit Nintendo, which in 2017 began to be released games for iPhone, based on major franchises such as “Super Mario Run" and "Fire Emblem Heroes“. The audience really liked this move.

Source: AppleInsider

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