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How to reset default fonts on Mac

If you are stuck with a Mac where the fonts do not work properly, it is easy to restore them to their default state using the built-in macOS Font Book application. See how you can do it.

What does font recovery do?

Since it is not possible to uninstall system fonts on a Mac, Font Reset does not install anything as one would expect. Instead, it uninstalls all the "non-standard" fonts you have installed on your system. As "non-formal", the Apple indicates any font that is not shipped with macOS by default.

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Once uninstalled from the Font Book application, you will find the non-standard fonts found in either / Library / Fonts (Removed) or ~ / Library / Fonts (Removed).

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How to Restore Standard Fonts on a Mac

It is easy to reset your Mac fonts to their default state. First, open BFont Book, a special utility application commonly found in ~ \ Applications \ Other. If you can't find it, press Command + Space, type "Font Book" and then press Return.

When Font Book opens, click the "File" menu at the top of the screen and select "Restore Standard Fonts" from the menu that appears.


You will then see a warning explaining that nothing will be deleted but that your non-standard fonts will be moved to a new folder. Click on "Proceed".

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When the process is complete, click "OK". Your fonts have been restored to their standard, factory default state. You can find the removed fonts in either / Library / Fonts (Removed) or ~ / Library / Fonts (Removed).

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