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Google Chrome blocks port 10080 to stop NAT Slipstreaming attacks

Google Chrome is now blocking HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP access to the TCP 10080 port to prevent port abuse in NAT Slipstreaming 2.0 attacks.

Google Chrome NAT Slipstreaming

Last year, security researcher Samy Kamkar unveiled a new version of the NAT Slipstreaming vulnerability that allows scripts on malicious websites to bypass visitors' NAT firewall and access any TCP / UDP port on the visitor's internal network.

Using these vulnerabilities, threats can carry out a wide range of attacks, including modifying router settings and accessing private network services.

Because this vulnerability only works on specific ports monitored by a router's Application Level Gateway (ALG), browser developers block vulnerable ports that do not receive much traffic.

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Google Chrome currently blocks FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS access to ports 69, 137, 161, 554, 1719, 1720, 1723, 5060, 5061, and 6566.

Today, Google announced that it intends to block the TCP 10080 port in Chrome, which Firefox has already blocked since November 2020.

In discussions about whether the port should be locked, the browser developers decided that backup software Amanda and VMWare vCenter use the port, but will not be affected by the block.

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The most troubling point about blocking port 10080 is that some developers may use it as an alternative to port 80.

To allow developers to continue using this port, Adam Rice developer in Google Chrome will add a corporate policy that developers can use to circumvent the block.

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Once a port is blocked, users get an error message stating "ERR_UNSAFE_PORT" when trying to access the port, as shown below.

NAT Slipstreaming

If you are currently hosting a site on port 10080, you may want to use a different port to allow Google Chrome to continue to access the site.

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