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Google Phone app: You can record calls from unknown numbers

Having brought call recording support to the Google Phone app, Google has expanded the functionality of the feature by allowing users to automatically record calls from unknown numbers.

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The feature was first spotted in an app in January and appears to be available to some Google Phone users. Twitter user Tipster @theyashreddi posted screenshots of the feature in the Google Phone app on his Xiaomi Mi A3.

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Of course, the new "always record" feature is only available if the call recording feature itself is available at your location. When the feature was created, the following statement was released by the company:

You or the other person on your call may be somewhere that requires everyone to consent to the registration. Everyone will be notified in advance that the call is being recorded. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. Recordings are saved only on your phone.

As the screenshots show, there is a new change in the "Call recording" setting of the Google Phone application. Once activated, you can automatically record calls from numbers not in your contacts. You can also enter selected numbers to always be recorded and specify when you want these records to be deleted.

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Google made Google Phone app call recording available on many Xiaomi phones worldwide last year, and the feature has also been made available to some Nokia phone users in India. While you can install the Google Phone app on almost all devices Android, call recording is only available on selected phones in specific areas.

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Call logging can be useful for those who want to record an interview or report a conversation later. Of course, consent is required before you can record a call, and you should check your local laws if you decide to turn on the feature.

Source of information: xda-developers.com


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