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Partner Elon Musk: Jurassic Park can become a reality

Ο Max Hodak, co-founder of startup Neuralink based in the Bay Area, said on Twitter that Jurassic Park could become a reality "if we wanted to". It is not clear who the plural refers to and whether it implies Elon Musk's collaborator.

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Jurassic Park Elon Musk

Hodak also claimed that it would take just 15 years to recreate an environment that has been extinct for millions of years to create "super exotic new species", although he said it probably would not be "genetically authentic".

He claims that he is "deliberately trying to create new diversity". This process is known as "extinction" and essentially restores endangered species in an effort to spread biodiversity.

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People who know about these issues, namely conservationists and environmentalists scientists, have pointed out that extinction will not do much to alleviate the ongoing biodiversity crisis and there are much more effective ways, such as reducing pollution and environmental disaster leading to species extinction.

However, apart from the fact that this idea is somewhat pointless, it is certainly quite reckless to play with nature and intervene to such an extent in the creation of creatures.

Jurassic Park Elon Musk

For those who do not know, "Jurassic Park" was a movie from the 90's, where a billionaire managed to restore extinct dinosaur species and create a theme park on a secluded island. However, the outcome was not what he expected.

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There are many who may think that this idea is fascinating. However, as stated in the film, there are limits to how much we should intervene in nature.

«Your scientists were so busy with whether or not they could do it, but they did not stop to think about whether they shouldSaid Dr. Ian Malcolm to John Hammond, the founder of the dinosaur theme park in the film.

Perhaps this phrase should make us think a little more about whether it is right to take certain actions, even if we are practically able to do them.


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