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Facebook and Instagram down: Thousands of offline users

The popular social network Facebook, like Instagram, went down in some areas last night, leaving thousands of users offline.

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Users reported problems on the two largest social networks in the world.

Facebook started having problems around 5:30 p.m. (eastern time zone), with problems appearing on both Facebook itself and Facebook-owned sites such as Messenger and Instagram, in various locations around the world, according to Downdetector.com.

A message that appeared to many users said: “Sorry, something went wrong"And in the application under news and groups, a message said that the pages were not available and that"may be due to a technical error that we are trying to correct."

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More than 60.000 users said they had problems with Facebook, while 38.000 had problems with Instagram, according to DownDetector.

However, it now appears that the service on social media sites has been fully restored.

A Facebook spokesman later told one statement via email: "Earlier today, a configuration change resulted in Facebook services not being available to some people. We investigated and quickly resolved the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience."

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When both apps stopped working properly, users turned to Twitter to report the issue and see if other users were having the same technical issues.

A week ago, Instagram had encountered it again problems, leaving many users around the world offline due to a mysterious shutdown.

Most of the complaints were that the news could not be uploaded properly.

However, a large number of users also warned of connection problems.


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