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How to find the photo library on your Mac?

Like any other device on a Mac, Photo Library is a grouped file on your computer that contains all the images imported into the application. Apple Photos. Sometimes you need to find where this library is to resolve any issues that may arise or move it to another machine. But where is this library usually located?

Mac photo library

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By default, the photo library on your Mac is a file called Photos Library.photoslibrary and is on the route / Users / [username] / Images (or ~ / Short images) where “[username]” is the short name of the user account.

To get there quickly, open it Finder and click on "Transition»In the menu bar and then select«Go to the folder»In the menu that appears. In the window that opens, type Pictures / Pictures and then click on “Go".

If the file exists “Photos Library.photoslibrary", You will see it appear in the Finder window that you will see on your screen.

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Mac photo library

If it is not there, you may need to look a little deeper into the Photos app.

If you can rename or move the Photo Library file, you may not find it in the default location. In this case, there is a quick way to find it. Open the Photos app on your Mac, and then click “Photos ”>“ PreferencesIn the menu bar.

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In the photo preferences, click on the tab "Generally”And then look in the section“Library location“. You will see the path to the currently used Photo Library. If you want to see the location of the library in the Finder, click on “Appearance in the Finder".

If you clicked "Show in Finder", a new Finder window will open containing the photo library file. You can then edit the photo library file for the purposes you need.


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