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Kaku: Aliens can be friendly but we have to be careful!

The American theoretical physicist Michio Kaku recently mentioned the possibility communication of our planet with aliens, and stressed that the issue should be considered very carefully as well the Earth can be endangered. "Aliens can be friendly, but we can not risk it", he said.

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Michio Kaku: Aliens may be friendly but we have to be careful!

Michio Kaku is well known in the scientific community and beyond, for his many books and television appearances.

Kaku commented on the possible communication with the aliens, talking about the development of the telescope James Webb, a huge space telescope that will be its successor Hubble and is to be inaugurated in October 2021.

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At a cost of $ 8,8 billion, the telescope will be able to penetrate deep into space. According to the data, James Webb will be able to discover a huge number of galaxies that were not previously visible to scientists.

Comparing Hubble's abilities with those of James Webb, the NASA says Hubble is able to detect "toddler galaxies", while the new telescope will be able to detect "baby galaxies".

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The construction of the Webb telescope will allow scientists "to see thousands of planets and that's why I think the chances of coming into contact with an alien civilization are quite highSaid Kaku to his recent interview with The Guardian.

Michio Kaku
Michio Kaku: Aliens may be friendly but we have to be careful!

"There are some of my colleagues who think we need to get in touch with them. I think that's a bad idea. We all know what happened to Montezuma when he met Cortés in Mexico hundreds of years ago. Now, I personally think aliens out there are friendly, but we can't risk it. So I think we should have contact, but we have to do it very carefully".

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To illustrate the potential danger, Kaku cited the story of the 16th-century Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés, who invaded the Aztec city of Montezuma Xocoyotzin.

Kaku believes that even if there are friendly moods, the way of communication is very important, why there is a possibility that misunderstanding efforts will be misinterpreted.

The same view has been expressed by other scientists in the past. THE Stephen Hawking, for example, believed that there were aliens but thought that contact with them would be disastrous for Earth. He himself had said that humanity would have the same fate as the natives, after the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

Michio Kaku: Aliens may be friendly but we have to be careful!

The perspective of her communication Land has been discussed many times with aliens and different views have been heard. Evaluating the answers and comments in related news, some scientists have found that most people are positive about finding extraterrestrial life, even if it meant that extraterrestrial beings would be directed towards Earth.

However, research to the contrary showed that a simple message from aliens could to disrupt life on Earth even if it was not threatening.

Source: The Independent


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