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NASA's Hubble Telescope detects a rare pair of double quasars

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope offers even more insightful images of the universe. He discovered two quasars that look close enough to each other from a pair of fused galaxies - and then discovered a second set, according to findings published in the journal Nature Astronomy last week.

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered a rare pair of double quasars

A quasar is a bright light coming from the center of a galaxy, according to NASA. It may be so bright that it extends beyond the galaxy itself and, according to the space agency, is fed by an "oversized black hole releasing a torrent of radiation."

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A double quasar state is rare, explained lead researcher Yue Shen of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. "We estimate that in the distant universe, for every 1.000 quasars, there is a double quasar. Finding two couples is even rarer. "

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In both cases, the researchers say, quasars are less than 10.000 light-years apart. Finally, the galaxies will merge and form an even larger black hole. Observations about this process will help scientists better understand the formation of galaxies and the role that quasars play in it.

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So far, researchers have found about 100 double quasars in galaxy mergers.

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