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Fortran: The old programming language is coming to the surface again

The programming language Objective-C Apple lost its place in the top 20 most popular programming languages, according to Tiobe. However, another old programming language, Fortran, seems to have resurfaced.

Fortran programming language

Objective-C, which was replaced by Swift for iOS and macOS application development, has dropped from the 20 most popular languages, according to the April 2021 edition of the Tiobe Programming Community Index.

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While seven years have passed since the Apple released Swift, Objective-C continued to remain on Tiobe's list of the 20 most popular languages. Objective-C was in third place in 2014, before Swift was released.

Tiobe provides software quality analytics for corporate clients and bases its ranking on the share of total searches for each language, according to many popular search engines.

Last year, Objective-C began to fall lower and lower on the list. Tiobe believed that Objective-C remained popular in part because Swift's adoption slowed as mobile application developers turned to languages ​​that could be used to build applications across multiple platforms.

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Swift, meanwhile, has dropped to 15th place in the Tiobe index today, from 11th in April 2020.

Fortran programming language

Another notable change is its reappearance Fortran in the list, which now ranks 20th, from 34th a year ago. Fortran, created by IBM in the 1950s, remains popular with computers used for scientific purposes. Its highest ranking in the Tiobe index was 10th in 2002.

"This dinosaur returned to the top 20 after more than 10 years. Fortran was the first commercial programming language ever created and is gaining popularity thanks to the huge need for (scientific) number processing. Welcome back FortranSays Tiobe.

Groovy, a language running on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), also returned to the list of the top 20 this month, rising from 48th last April to current 17th. But it was in 10th place in January 2021, according to Tiobe.

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The top 10 programming languages ​​this month were: C, Java, Python, C ++, C #, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Assembly Assembly, PHP and SQL.

The others who completed the list were: Classic Visual Basic, Delphi / Object Pascal, Ruby, Go, Swift, R, Groovy, Perl, MATLAB and Fortran.

The ranking of programming languages ​​for Q1 2021, by RedMonk analyst, was: JavaScript followed by Python, Java, PHP, C #, CSS, TypeScript, Ruby and C.

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