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Apple has introduced the new Find My Certification Asst application

Apple has introduced a new application, Find My Certification Asst, which is designed for developers who want to test how their accessories work. The Find app, which is pre-installed on iPhone, Mac and iPad, allows users to find Apple-made accessories, such as AirPods, if they are not installed correctly.

Find My Certification Asst

The tech giant has announced that for the first time it will let third-party Made for iPhone (MFI) accessories run on the Find My app at WWDC 2020. As a developer tool, classic Apple users will not find it in the regular store. Apple applications. The debut of the test application shows that Apple may be ready to announce the launch of the third-party device program. Apple will hold the annual Worldwide Developers Conference from June 7 to June 11.

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According to the description of the application, the Find My Certification Asst application will allow the MFi license holder to "test the connection and other basic requirements of the accessories" that will work with the Find My network technology of Apple. Third-party developers registered with Apple will be required to have MFi certifications for connection, and test results will be automatically notified to the company. Remember, the Find My app uses Bluetooth signals from Apple devices even when offline.

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Some companies have already announced products that can be integrated into Find My network. MFi licensee and US manufacturer Belkin have announced that the SoundForm Freedom TWS headset will support Find My network. Specifically, the upcoming iOS 14.5 will probably have a new tab called "Items" that will support devices that carry AirTags that have not even released other third-party accessories, such as those from Tile and others.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced that the next version of iOS 14 will be released this month. The company has not yet released more details about AirTags rumored to be making their debut last month.

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