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"Verified calls": Avoid robocalls on Android

Junk calls, also known as robocalls, can be extremely annoying. However, there are tools that can help you get rid of them. See how to set the «Verified calls»On your Android device, using one of the Google applications.

robocalls Android

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"Verified calls" is a feature found in the application "Phone by Google“. Google works with businesses to verify caller ID, show caller ID, and even display business logos. The Google by Phone app can be installed on most Android devices (if not already pre-installed), including devices Samsung.

After you install the Phone by Google app, it should be set as the default phone app for you to control robocalls. If you missed the message to do this when you first open the application, it can also be done manually. The process is slightly different depending on the phone, but it is something similar to Settings> Applications> Default applications> Phone.

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robocalls Android

First open Phone by Google and tap the menu icon with the three dots in the upper right corner.

Select “SettingsFrom the menu.

From the Settings menu, press “Screen calls and unwanted “. It may also be called "Caller ID and Spam".

Then turn on the switch for "Verified calls».

This will take you to a screen asking you to add your phone number to your Google Account. This is necessary for the use of verified calls. Press “Yes, I'm inIf you are okay with accepting this permission.

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You will return to the previous screen and the "Verified Calls" toggle will be activated. You will now receive much more information on the screen about verified calls, which will help you distinguish between robocalls and actual calls.


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