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Buy a Samsung Galaxy A21 for just 126 euros

What is more conscious than buying a low cost phone? Buying a low cost phone while on sale. The Samsung Galaxy A21 is not going to impress anyone with the quality or performance of its camera, but it is a good phone that costs only $ 250 (212 euros). However, if you want to replace an old or broken phone, you can buy the Galaxy A21 from Amazon for $ 149 (126 euros).

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The Galaxy A21 shows that it is not bad at this time to use a low cost phone. There is enough bloatware (unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device from the manufacturer) to turn off and the cameras will not impress any Instagrammer, but you will have a fairly large 6,5-inch screen and a decent battery life.

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Galaxy A21

Samsung has even extended its software update commitment to four years on its phones, which means the A21 should receive updates by around mid-2024.

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The Galaxy A21 was initially priced at $ 250 (€ 212), but has been around $ 220 in recent months and now has a $ 71 discount (about a third of the normal price). There is no sign of when the offer will stop, so run if you do not want to miss it.

Source of information: androidpolice.com

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