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Amazon: She admits her drivers are forced to urinate in bottles

Employees of his giant E-commerce, Amazon, owned by the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, complained that they are forced to urinate in bottles because they do not have time to take a break in order to achieve work goals. Amazon initially denied the rumors. However, on April 2, admitted in a statement that it was wrong to tell the American politician Mark pocan that her claim that her employees, and especially her drivers, were forced to urinate in bottles, was untrue.

The whole issue arose when Pocan announced on March 25 a tweet, which blamed Amazon for the way it treats its employees, has aroused public interest, as at the same time in Amazon warehouses in Alabama employees were voting to decide whether to proceed with union formation.

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Amazon: She admits her drivers are forced to urinate in bottles
Amazon: She admits her drivers are forced to urinate in bottles

Specifically, Pocan's tweet stated the following: "Giving workers $ 15 an hour does not make you a 'progressive workplace' as long as you fight union building and force workers to urinate in bottles of water."

Amazon responded with a tweet from @amazonnews, saying: "You do not really think that's the case, do you? If that were true, no one would work for us. "The truth is that we have over a million incredible employees around the world who are proud of what they do and have excellent salaries and health care from day one."

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Jason Del Rey, his journalist Recode, states that Amazon's aggressive response was encouraged by its founder, Jeff Bezos, who was annoyed as he felt that the company did not respond dynamically to its critics.

But now Amazon has changed course, writing the following on its site: "The message was inaccurate. He did not take into account the large number of our drivers and incorrectly focused exclusively on the fulfillment centers. " Amazon points out that the company's standard mission fulfillment center has dozens of toilets and employees have the ability to leave their post at any time. At the same time, however, she acknowledges that this is not always the case for her drivers.

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"We know that drivers may have difficulty finding toilets due to traffic or sometimes due to itineraries in rural areas, and this has intensified during the pandemic, as many public toilets remain closed. This is an issue that has been around for a long time, affecting the market as a whole and not just Amazon. We do not know yet how, but we will consider solutions ", says Amazon.

Amazon: She admits her drivers are forced to urinate in bottles
Amazon: She admits her drivers are forced to urinate in bottles

Amazon has always tried to prevent more than 800.000 employees in the United States from forming unions. Many workers have complained about inhumane working conditions and as a result the American labor movement has made it its goal to create unions within the company's headquarters.

Recently, the e-commerce giant has found itself in a difficult position, when the employees of the order fulfillment center in Besemer were called to vote for the formation of a union. The vote ended a few days ago, but the National Committee on Labor Relations in the US has not yet announced the results. The risk is high for Amazon, as the vote in favor of the proposal could strengthen similar initiatives recorded in other sectors of the company's vast workforce. In total, Amazon currently has more than 1,1 million employees.

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