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How to increase iCloud storage?

Many users Apple love the service iCloud because it helps them in backup, the Save and sync documents, photos and videos to Mac, iPhone, iPad even on PC. But what if you run out of storage space? How can you increase iCloud storage?

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iCloud storage

In fact, there are three ways.

Initially, you can sign up for Apple One, an Apple service package that includes Apple TV, Apple Music and extra iCloud storage, depending on the program you choose.

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Another way is if another your family member add the Apple ID on your Apple One family or iCloud plan. To do this, go to the Apple ID account Settings and then click “Family Sharing".

Finally, you can just upgrade your iCloud account storage as a standalone subscription service. Let's see how this is done:

How to upgrade iCloud Storage on iPhone or iPad

If you use an iPhone or iPad and want to increase iCloud storage, go to the app Settings and press Apple account name you.

On the screen "Apple ID", Select"iClud".

In the "iCloud", Press"Manage Storage".

iCloud storage

In the "iCloud Storage", Press"Change Storage Plan".

In the next screen that you will see, select which iCloud storage program you want to upgrade to. The program with the lowest price is quite tempting, but the two most expensive options allow you to share the extra iCloud storage with your family. Select any plan you want and press “Buy".

iCloud storage

After clicking "Buy", your iPhone will ask you to confirm payment. When you're done, iCloud storage will increase immediately.

How to upgrade iCloud Storage on Mac

To upgrade iCloud storage to Mac, Open it System Preferences and connect to iCloud, at the top of the window. Then click on “Apple ID".

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On the screen "Apple ID", Select"iCloud”And then click“Manage".

iCloud storage

In the iCloud admin window, click “Change Storage Plan".

On the screen "Upgrade iCloud Storage", Select the storage program you want to use. In this case, too, the two most expensive options allow you to share storage space with your family. After selecting the appropriate program, click on “Next".

iCloud storage

Apple will ask you to confirm your Apple ID by logging in. Soon after, you will have more storage space to use it as you wish.

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