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The fitness tracker Huawei Band 6 looks like a smart watch

Even with the advent of smartwatches, smart fitness bands, which existed before smartwatches, continued to thrive. Aside from the differences in software, smart bands have always been distinguished by smaller or at least narrower screens compared to the circular or square screens of smartwatches. Of course, there are some that make a difference and the Huawei fitness tracker is one of them. The Huawei Band 6 has a large screen that could easily make the fitness tracker look like a smartwatch, unless you look at the device very carefully.

Huawei Band 6

Of course, the line that separates smartwatches from smart bands can be arbitrary, especially for brands that use their own custom operating system and not something like Wear OS which are specifically for smart watches, at least for now. The Huawei Band 6 may not have access to the same applications as its dedicated smartwatches Huawei, but allows users to switch to different watch faces with different themes.

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This capability is possible with the 1,47-inch AMOLED screen of the Huawei Band 6, with the company claiming that it is 148% larger than its previous fitness band. Unlike many fitness bands, it is also wider and its overall design gives a more general impression like that given by the Apple Watch.

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Despite its smartwatch-like appearance, the Huawei Band 6 is a smart fitness tracker. It has the basic features of this type of device, from 24/7 heart rate monitoring to SpO2 monitoring throughout the day. The larger size also has the advantage of installing a battery that, along with more limited operating system functionality, promises to deliver two weeks of operating time.

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The Huawei Band 6, which comes with four color options Amber Sunrise, Forest Green, Graphite Black and Sakura Pink, will be available for 219 RMB and will cost around $ 35.

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