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See how battery recalibration works in iOS 14.5

Apple has introduced another notable change in the latest battery recalibration in iOS 14.5 beta - iPhone 11. The new feature provides an updated, more accurate read of your device's maximum battery capacity and maximum performance, and can correct unexpected battery drain . And in some rare cases, it can lead to a free battery replacement.

iOS 14.5

9to5Mac first discovered the new iPhone recalibration feature in iOS 14.5 beta that led us to the recently released Apple Support Document.

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Specifically, the new recalculation of the iPhone battery is intended only for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, at least so far.

The feature was first released to the developer and the public iOS 14.5 beta 6. If you want to try it out before the public release of iOS 14.5 this spring, install the public or developer beta iOS.

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How iPhone battery recalibration works in iOS 14.5

  • Once you install iOS 14.5 beta 6 on iPhone 11, the battery recalibration process starts automatically
    • It may take up to a few weeks to complete
    • It can correct "unexpected battery drain behavior or, in a small number of cases, reduced performance"
  • To check the status, go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health
  • You will see the new "Important Message" about recalibration
    • "Your battery health reporting system re-rates maximum capacity and maximum performance. This process can take a few weeks. "
    • The recalibration will take place over time with normal charging cycles
  • Apple says you will know that the process was completed successfully when the notification at the top of the Battery Health section is gone (new maximum capacity and maximum performance will appear)
  • If the recalibration detects "significantly degraded" battery status, a battery service message will be displayed

Free battery replacement, extended warranties and more

In "a small number of cases", Apple says that the recalibration of the iPhone battery will not be successful and a new message "battery service" will appear. In these rare cases, the message will say, "An authorized Apple Service Provider may replace the battery for free to restore full performance and capacity." THE Apple notes that "this does not indicate a security issue and your device can be used normally."

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Apple also recommends that you wait for an appointment at a store or other authorized provider to complete the recalibration process.

Finally, warranties can be extended to cover potentially weeks of recalibration and refunds could be made to those who have previously paid for a service. battery out of warranty, after seeing the "battery health degradation message or experiencing unexpected battery behavior". In both cases, contact AppleCare.

Source of information: 9to5mac.com

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