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SpaceX: Elon Musk confirms the destruction of another Starship

SpaceX's latest Starship SN11 unfortunately had the same fate as its predecessors, as Elon Musk confirmed.

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The company had based its hopes on a successful test of the spacecraft bound for Mars, which would be able to take off at a height of a few meters and land with safety.

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Unfortunately, in the middle of this test, SpaceX suddenly cut it live stream explaining what happened. Close-up videos suggest the Starship SN11, the latest version of the spacecraft, was destroyed.

«A high production rate solves many problems", Wrote Elon Musk in Twitter, apparently wanting to highlight the fact that SpaceX is building a series of Starships so that they can move quickly to the next tests, even when one is destroyed.

«At least the crater is in the right place!", Musk later wrote jokingly, essentially confirming the destruction of SN11 and suggesting that it had not caused critical damage.

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Spacex starship

In a more detailed tweet, he said "something important" had happened and caused the problems, but it was not clear what the problem was.

«It seems that the engine 2 had problems during takeoff and did not reach the pressure of the operating chamber during landing, however in theory it was not needed", He wrote.

«Something important happened shortly after the start of the landing. We will find out what it was, as soon as we can look at the pieces later today. "

According to Musk, SpaceX has created a number of different versions of Starship, two of which have been destroyed in previous tests. The last problem goes a step back from the efforts, since the previous Starship had landed successfully and then exploded.

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But upcoming versions of Starship, starting with SN15, already have some built-in improvements that could prevent similar explosions in the future.

«The SN15 is moving forward and will be on the take-off platform in a few days", Musk wrote in another tweet. «It has hundreds of design improvements in structures, avionics, software and engine.»

«Hopefully one of these improvements covers this problem. If not, then the conversion will take a few more days.»

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