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How to turn off the Apps button in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Apps is definitely a very useful feature. However, for those who do not use Chrome Apps, this small button in the bookmarks bar can be annoying. Fortunately, it is easy to remove.

Google Chrome Applications

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The Apps button is a default option, located in the Chrome bookmarks bar. When you click this button, you are taken to chrome: // apps / page, which is a boot program for web applications installed by Chrome Web Store. However, for those who never visit this page, there is no need to have a permanent button in their browser.

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What needs to be clarified is that the Google Chrome Apps button is not the same as the Chrome Extensions, which are accessible via the Extensions menu in the upper right corner of the browser. What is removed is essentially just the "Applications" button.

Google Chrome Applications

All you have to do to remove the Applications button is:

First, open the Chrome browser on a Windows computer, Mac ή Linux.

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Then right-click anywhere on the bookmarks bar or the Apps button itself. From here a menu will open, from which you will have to uncheck “Show application shortcut".

The "Applications" button will leave your bookmarks bar.

Of course, the Applications button is not a huge problem, but if you do not use it and have many bookmarks in your bar, you need the extra space to remove it.

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