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Free Youtube Proxy 2021: How to unblock YouTube

Many different things happen on the internet! There is censorship imposed by governments and ISPs that make certain sites inaccessible to users. Some sites are subject to geographical restrictions, while others are blocked by ISPs for other reasons. However, there are some tools you can use to unblock blocked sites. You can use Proxy sites, VPNs or custom DNS servers to access sites that are not available in your area.

Youtube Proxy

Speaking of blocked sites, Youtube is at the forefront. It is one of the most blocked websites in the world. There are many videos that you can not watch in certain areas. Below you will find various free Youtube proxy websites that could be used to access Youtube, even if the videos are not available in your area.

Free Youtube Proxy: Unblock Youtube easily

1. Genmirror

This free proxy website from Genmirror is one of the best methods to unblock Youtube. Provides a free SSL web proxy where you can access your smartphone, computer and tablet to unblock Youtube wherever you are. To open Youtube using Genmirror, simply enter the Youtube URL on the form on the site. If you use the Genmirror Youtube proxy on a smartphone, you can also save a lot of bandwidth as you access the proxied versions of blocked Youtube videos. In addition, Genmirror tries to keep you anonymous online. However, the site is full of ads that could be a hindrance for some.

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2. Proxysite

Youtube Proxy

Proxysite is another great site to block Youtube if you can not access it. This proxy website is designed with ease of use in mind. The ads are minimal and do not interfere with the user experience. All you have to do is type "www.youtube.com" in the text box on the site and select the server you want to use. There are about 20 servers in Europe and USA on this free Youtube proxy website.

3. HMA

HMA or HideMyAss is another popular name if you want to unblock sites. A free Youtube proxy is just one of the fastest ways to access Youtube if it is blocked in your geographical location. As it is a free proxy, there are some restrictions that you will see when using it.

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4. AtozProxy

Youtube Proxy

If you want a simple tool to access Youtube in your area, there is no better option than Atozproxy. This free proxy website has an interface similar to Proxysite, another free Youtube proxy website mentioned above, but with a more user-friendly interface and fewer annoying ads. To use this site, enter your Youtube URL and click the Browse button on the site. Atozproxy uses advanced SSL encryption technology to hide your digital traces on the web and prevent you from being detected.

5. CroxyProxy

Youtube Proxy

CroxyProxy is a site that can be used to visit any blocked site and Youtube is no exception. This proxy website uses advanced technology to circumvent restrictions imposed by ISPs and governments. You can watch all the videos on Youtube using this proxy website. Unlike other proxy sites, CroxyProxy supports HTML5 video and audio playback. To unblock Youtube using CroxyProxy, simply enter the URL in the text box and click the Go button.

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There are cases where Youtube does not work, you can try the aforementioned free proxy sites to watch videos on the video streaming site.

Source of information: fossbytes.com


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