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Microsoft Edge browser: Why can it be considered better than Chrome?

Ο Google Chrome browser is the most popular browser since its release in 2008. But many claim that Chrome has some issues and are starting to turn to its version. Microsoft Edge browser, based on the same Chromium code as Chrome.

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Microsoft Edge browser

The Microsoft Edge browser is now available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, so you can use it on all your devices. Offers them same browsing data sync options as Chrome, associated with your Microsoft account. Also, because of the same Chromium code, it supports all browser extensions which are also available in Google Chrome.

Therefore, it is obvious that Microsoft products Edge offers many features of Chrome, so the transition is not difficult.

Of course, no one can overlook the benefits of Chrome. One of the most basic is linking to every Google service.

But what are the features that make Microsoft Edge stand out? browser;

Edge is lightweight

Chrome uses many system resources. The browser is known to use much of it RAM and the negative impact it may have on its lifespan battery of the laptop. The Chrome engineers are trying to solve these problems and have made some progress, but it is still an important issue.

Gizmodo tests on a Windows computer showed that when opening the same sites in both browsers, Chrome consumed more CPU time, more memory and used more disk space than the Edge.

With regard to loading speed pages and browsing on the web, the results were similar.

In any case, everyone should test their own system to see if Chrome or the Edge browser is better, based on the sites that the user usually visits. A few days of testing should be enough to give you a sense of how they respond and at what speed, and you can see if there is any effect on battery life. Watch it Task Manager in Windows or Activity Monitor in macOS, to perform these checks.

Ο Microsoft products Edge browser offers more privacy

The privacy is one of the most important issues today. Changing the browser does not necessarily mean that the problem associated with it will be fixed immediately internet monitoring, but Edge offers a more user-friendly and comprehensive approach to better online protection. The Basic, Balanced and Strict options are well thought out and explain in detail what users need to know.

Google Chrome browser has a similar set of options for blocking cookies, but they are not so easy to configure. Also, Edge allows you to delete the accumulated browsing data each time you close the program, while there is no such option in Chrome (note, however, that Chrome allows data to be automatically deleted after a certain period of time through your Google account settings).

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Also, Microsoft Edge can be considered better than Chrome just because does not belong to Google. Not that Microsoft is the perfect choice when it comes to privacy. But the whole Google's business model is based on collecting as much data as possible. Google is trying to replace cookie-based tracking with a system that works with aggregated data that is less personalized. However, there are still doubts about how useful this will be for users.

In general, the difference between the two browsers in terms of privacy and security is not huge. Google has tried to make browsing safer, but no matter how we do it, it relies heavily on ads and collects data.

Ο Microsoft Edge browser is more innovative

Microsoft engineers are constantly adding new features to the Edge, many of which are not available in Chrome (at least not yet). For example, it has integrated reading mode, which is not available in Chrome, unless users go to the flags page and enable it themselves. The Edge can also read pages aloud instead of you. This is very useful.

Another feature that Edge recently introduced is vertical tabs on the side of the screen. This is not a new idea, since it was available in Chrome many years ago. However, Edge gives more flexibility.

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Microsoft Edge also sets tabs that are not in use for a period of time to "sleep state" without requiring any extension.

Finally, Edge has an interesting approach to saving page groups, which it calls "Collections“. You can use this feature to group texts, images, videos, and pages together into groups.


It is worth noting that the Chrome browser also has its own special features. Tab grouping is one of the latest additions and built-in support chromecast is one of the most important.

Source: Gizmodo

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