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10th generation Intel Core processors get big discounts

In preparation for the launch of the 11th generation Core (Rocket Lake) processors, Intel has made significant price reductions to reduce current generation CPU inventory, providing some interesting alternatives to consumers, especially for gamers looking for 6 or 8 CPUs. nuclei.

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As we have discussed in recent weeks, the stock of AMD Ryzen processors is not that large, which means that some models are not completely available or can be sold at quite expensive prices.

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The Intel Core i5-10600K has reached $ 189 and can be found at the Micro Center at this price, while at Amazon and at Newegg it costs a little more ($ 225). As usual, prices in Europe are a bit higher, but you can get the 10600K for the price of € 208 at Mindfactory, one of the largest retailers in Germany. This 6-core 12-core processor comes with a 4,1 GHz base clock, 4,8 GHz push clock, built-in graphics and is fully unlocked, as long as you have the right board.

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And the price of the Intel Core i7-10700K has been reduced, to be precise it has reached $ 250 at the Micro Center and € 299 at the Mindfactory. With base watches of 3,8 GHz and 5,1 GHz, it brings competition to the Ryzen 3700X / 3800X models from AMD. For US buyers, the opportunity is very good but in Europe the prices do not make much difference and it is up to the users to choose based on the platform and performance.

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If 8 cores is not enough and you can use 2 more cores in your workloads, the Intel Core i9-10900K at Micro Center costs $ 400. This makes the situation in the US interesting where 10900K is now cheaper than 5800X. The same scenario does not happen in Europe. At Amazon, the 10900K is less affordable, with the 10900KF costing $ 460 or $ 420.

With these new prices it seems that the choice for consumers becomes more difficult, but in this case it is good that they can not choose since they are going to pay much lower prices compared to previous months.

Source of information: techspot.com

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