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"Switch Pro" reveals Nvidia's big plans for gaming

As mentioned earlier this week, one of his reports Bloomberg Japan on the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, claims that the new model will have "4K" image resolution.

Switch Pro Nvidia

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However, the transition from the older technology of 2016, used so far in Switch devices to 4K resolution is a rather difficult task and we can not know for sure if it can be done directly by the company.

Nvidia, its sole SoC provider Nintendo for existing Switch models, it will be frequently updated on this updated model and its contribution will include Nvidia's tempting, exclusive "upgrade" technology known as Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).

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As it turns out, the company has grandiose plans for the future of computing capabilities for its users, than it has leaked.

Switch Pro Nvidia

DLSS is a long-term development system based on thousands of hours of existing videotape footage, largely taken from 3D games, which manages a machine learning model. They study and copy existing data and then go through double, triple and semi-annual tests to confirm how well a computer can organically recreate that data.

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But these tests are usually performed with a supercomputer that manages this data. At the consumer level, DLSS requires Nvidia "RTX" graphics cards that (theoretically) cost almost $ 329. No additional CPU, RAM or other peripherals required.

A "Switch Pro" equipped with DLSS, as described by Bloomberg, will be capable of up to 4K resolution when connected to a TV. The reputation for higher CPU clocks and more RAM in the base unit suggests that Nintendo plans to develop a completely new system, as opposed to additional hardware that would simply strengthen the base.

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