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NASA Ingenuity: The first test flight to Mars is approaching

Η NASA revealed new information about his flight Ingenuity Mars helicopter.


The aircraft will be used for first controlled flight to another planet. This flight will mark one of NASA's most important tests.

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According to the space agency, the place where the helicopter will take off and land has been found. The test flight is scheduled for early April ("Not earlier than April 8").

Ingenuity will not conduct scientific work during its journey. It is simply a test to confirm that it will be able to provide information on future missions and help predict the needs of scientists and engineers in the future.


The body said it had "cleaned" it surface of Mars, to create a “landing / lifting treadmill” using satellite imagery and photos taken by Perseverance. The engineers had to choose a safe place for both the flight and the landing.

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NASA said there are several issues that need to be addressed before the Ingenuity Mars helicopter journey begins. Before landing on Mars, Ingenuity will have to be led down the aisle by Perseverance, where it will stay for a while to ensure it is able to be supported using its solar panels.

Only when this is completed will the first small flights take place, Nasa said. Completing the very short first flight will mean that the mission is successful.

Then, once everything is confirmed that it is OK, longer trips will follow. In total, these tests are going to last a month.

Dr Balaram said the most dangerous part of the flight was the Martian atmosphere, including winds and other factors that could destroy the Ingenuity mission. He also said that there are various dangers, such as placing Ingenuity on the ground (from Perseverance). After the removal of Perseverance, experts will see if Ingenuity will "get by" on its own.

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During all these flights, Ingenuity will follow instructions sent in advance. It will also be based on technology that ensures that it can respond to the environment, including winds, etc.

The great distance between Mars and Earth means that it exists excessive delay in live watching of the Ingenuity Mars helicopter. The messages received by experts on Earth can take 5-20 minutes to arrive, which means that engineers will need some time to figure out if the trip was really successful.

The Perseverance will also try to take pictures and videos of the trip, although Nasa engineers said it would be difficult to ensure that one sees the other at the right time.

The space agency said the Ingenuity mission - separate from Perseverance - cost about $ 80 million.

Source: The Independent


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