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Intel: After the campaigns against the M1 chip, it says it wants to make Apple silicon chips

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In November, the Apple began to circulate Macs with own M1 chips and intends to replace all its chips Intel used all these years in the Mac series. This news is not very good for Intel. Last week, the company started a M1 chip advertising campaign starring Justin Long. But now Intel says it wants to make silicon chips for Apple.

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Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger, shared some details about Intel's future plans. One of them is related to Establishment of a separate company "Intel Foundry Services" and construction Two new chip factories in Arizona. Intel's goal is to manufactures chips for other companies and become a major provider of such technologies in the United States and Europe.

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According to Gelsinger, Intel's plans include Apple's approach as a customer. Intel wants to produces Apple silicon chips for use on Apple devices, if she also decides to use Intel services.

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Right now, Apple relies on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for the production of all A-series and Apple silicon chips used on iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices. TSMC is Apple's only supplier. Gelsinger hopes that Apple and Intel may reach an agreement that will allow Apple to diversify its supply chain.

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However, if Intel really wants to lure Apple and make a chip deal with it, M1 chip ad campaigns should stop. Intel has hired former "I'm a Mac" actor Justin Long to create a series of commercials that compare M1‌ Macs with Intel PCs. Of course, the ads show the superiority of Intel PCs.

Intel ads promote flexibility of PC laptops and claim that no one uses Mac for Gaming. They also refer to the limited Mac ports.

Intel's advertising campaign against the M1 Mac takes place on both Twitter and a site comparing PCs and Macs.

Source: MacRumors

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