HomerapidshareCounter.Social: The safest social network!

Counter.Social: The safest social network!

The most secure social network platform for exchanging messages is Counter.Social. The creator is the famous hacktivist, The Jester.

Those of you who are interested in your internet security and try to do a personal research to find out how to fortify your online existence from dangers lurking in every dark and 100% bright corner of the web, will surely notice a terrorism and an attempt to enhancing the feeling of anxiety and fear regarding the use of the internet and the applications we use on a daily basis.

The truth remains unchanged: There are several dangers in using the internet that are proven daily through reports and complaints about hacking attacks, cyberbullying, sextortion, online scams, breaches of personal privacy And much more.

Counter.Social: The most secure social network platform

There is, however, another unchanging - at least so far - truth: The internet, remote work, social media, Internet of Things devices are now part of our lives. You can not avoid using them because you automatically avoid the season in which you live. The "internet", as many describe in one word the whole of our internet life, is not the bad thing, it just, as everything we use, has its pros and cons.

So how do we avoid the negatives of a situation and take advantage of the positives? Finding ways and windows.

On the occasion of the recent frenzy regarding the accusations of illegal monitoring of its users by Facebook through messaging apps WhatsApp and Messenger, hundreds of articles have been published highlighting alternative, more secure messaging solutions for the public. We are among these published articles.

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Note that, at the moment, one of the most prevalent, secure and popular messaging apps is Signal, which has won the favor of users, especially after the vote of confidence of Edward Snowden in it.

In this article, we would like to take a few minutes to describe an alternative social option network platform that you can exchange messages and we guarantee that it offers you secure communication and respects your privacy.

Through our research to discover the safest messaging app, we located Counter.Social. Creator of the app is the famous hacktivist, The Jester. The gray-hat hacker is hiding behind many large-scale hacking attacks worldwide. The Jester is a proponent of protecting privacy on the internet and has therefore created a social networking and messaging platform that will provide essential security to users.

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Counter.Social: The most secure social network platform

Meet Counter.Social

Counter.Social is a private entity. As a private entity, it can configure security for hardware / software assets and users, including firewalls, traffic filtering WAF's, etc.

Counter.Social is the first social networking platform to adopt a zero-tolerance attitude towards hostile nations, bot accounts and trolls who take advantage of social media platforms and freedoms to engage in influential businesses. With advanced user protection features, such as "COSOGUARD" identity alerts to minimize the attack surface, your online fingerprint immediately becomes more secure.


Deepfake Detection

Counter.Social takes fake news and propaganda seriously. It is the only network that Al uses to automatically analyze downloaded content in near real time and determine deepfake probability.

Botsentinel Intergation

Collaborates with Botsentinel to further protect users from foreign influence companies. The optional browser extension offers built-in visibility of potential "problematic" migrating accounts.

Identity Breach Alerts

Counter.Social has integrated one-click identity theft alerts. COSOGuard controls the oren and dark web 24/7. If someone steals your ID, you will find out!

Factlayer Integration

Collaborates with Factlayer to integrate real-time automatic political bias leaning and fake news awareness through color-coded link codes that inform you of a site's validity before you click.

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Counter.Social users have access to the built-in, secure 500TB file sharing solution. It is at-rest encrypted and your files can be limited to a certain number of downloads.

Emergency Radio Traffic

It has COSOCOM. 7000+ emergency radio frequencies and real-time auto-tuning on important discussion topics.

Cosocall Conferencing

Secure, private and temporary use of video conferencing. You can create a conference and invite anyone through a unique link, even if one does not have the application.

Secure Groups

COSO Groups is a beta feature that allows users to create public and private "channels" or groups. Private channels and messages are end-to-end encrypted to ensure 100% confidentiality.

Counter.Social: The most secure social network platform


Ability for real-time translation in 80 different languages. Translates without language barrier and allows communication without limits.

Enhanced Privacy Fashion

External links are published in public feeds. Timelines are accessible via Enhanced Privacy Mode - this effectively puts the application between you and the host / server you are visiting.


Counter.Social provides access to LIVE streaming news coverage from selected satellites and cable TV providers directly from within the interface.


Coming soon: Exclusive weekly talk show. Discuss all current events with the host and guests.

Anti-child abuse mechanism

Material related to child abuse is strictly prohibited. All material downloaded to the application is controlled based on NCMEC databases.

Outbound Link Sanitizer

CounterSocial does not monitor its users and does not allow third parties to attempt it. All outbound links are checked for possible built-in monitoring parameters and removed if anything suspicious is detected.

Zero Tracking

Because Counter.Social is not based on ads or "targeted promotional content" it does not collect personal user information.

100% Crowd Powered

You are not funded by advertising companies, shareholders or dubious third parties. Funded by users. The basic functionality of the application is free for everyone. You can upgrade to a PRO account for premium features.

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How to become a member of Counter.Social

The process of subscribing to Counter.Social is no different than any other registration you have made on other social media. Below are the steps you need to follow to sign up through a web browser. Note that you can download the app for iOS from the App Store and for Android from the Google Play Store.

First, go to https://counter.social/apps.html and select "Register". You will be taken to a registration page where you must fill in the required fields.

A confirmation email will then be sent to the email address you provided. You must refer to your indox and click on "Verify email address"

Through redirection you will be redirected to the login page of Counter.Social, where you must fill in your email and password.

Upon successful connection, you will be taken to the messaging app dashboard, where you will find all the features and functions offered to you.

Counter.Social: The most secure social network platform