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Elon Musk: Tesla would never disclose data to China or the US

The fact that Elon Musk did not make his last statements via Twitter - as he used to do - shows how serious the issue is.


Musk made the remarks over the weekend after a Wall Street Journal report on Friday revealed that China would ban Tesla vehicles from being parked near military bases and facilities. There is concern that they pose a national security risk, as Tesla is an American company and its vehicles collect data.

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Speaking at the Chinese Development Forum on Saturday, an annual event organized by the Chinese government linking the country to global business leaders, Musk sought to make it clear that sharing data with government agencies would undermine Tesla's business interests.

"Whether it's China or not USA"The negative effects if a commercial company is involved in espionage will be extremely negative," Musk said. He added that the risk of Tesla being shut down by the espionage category creates "a very strong incentive for confidentiality".

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Musk also generally eased concerns about commercial espionage, citing the TikTok case as an example.

"Even if there was espionage, what would the other country learn and it would matter? "If it doesn't matter, it's not worth thinking about so much," he said, adding that TikTok is primarily a place where people "just do silly dances."

Musk is not the first person to ask this question. While there are bilateral concerns in the US about China’s authoritarian rule, some believe that the Trump to move against him TikTok due to personal motives.

The first face-to-face meeting between Chinese officials and the recent Biden government was made up of reports of intense and perhaps not very friendly talks between the two nations.

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Whatever the truth, Musk wants everyone to be sure that Tesla is not involved in espionage.

Source of information: mashable.com

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