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Microsoft PowerPoint AI Presentation Wizard Detects Your Errors

Microsoft PowerPoint AI Technology Trainer can help you avoid making mistakes in your presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Coach was first released in 2019 on the web. Now available on all platforms - Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. In coach mode, the AI ​​listens to your presentations and gives you suggestions for improving your presentation.

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For example, it will warn you not to use too many "hmmm" and "aaa". In addition, the coach will ask you to change your tone if your presentation is too flat.

We used this feature in the Android app and the basic word and tone detection works well. Once, when we were disappointed and said the word "f @ ck", our coach reminded us that we should avoid the use of profanity.

Microsoft says AI helps you pronounce words correctly. However, he is currently trained in "General American English", so if you pronounce a specific word differently in your area, you can avoid the coach's suggestions. If you believe you are not saying a word correctly, Microsoft will suggest that you listen to the coach say it.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

The company has also introduced a feature for evaluating your body language while making the presentation through the camera. He is watching eye contact your distance from the camera and the visibility of your face. This can be useful when making online presentations. However, this feature seems to be only available on the web and desktop at this time.

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When you end your session, the coach gives you a report that includes your tone, average word speed per minute, originality (if you repeated the same phrases from the slides too many times) and some suggestions for improving your speech.

The AI ​​Technology Coach feature is already available in all PowerPoint applications, and you do not even need an Office 365 subscription to use it. If you need to make presentations often, this tool will help you improve your skills, even if you do not have friends or family around to practice.

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