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Wikipedia: Will Google, Amazon and Apple charge for its content?

The Wikipedia , is one of the most popular sites, occupying the 8thη position in the US and 13η in the world. The site, which identifies itself as a "free encyclopedia", provides free information to a global user base.


However, the non-profit organization that manages Wikipedia, the Wikimedia fountation, hopes that some companies will pay for this content.

Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon may be charged by Wikipedia when they publish content.

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Wikimedia fountation, prepares the Wikimedia Enterprise to offer a paid service that targets the biggest Wikipedia users: the big tech companies.

Wikimedia Enterprise, according to the organization, will provide a commercial product that adapts Wikipedia content for publication on services provided by Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon.

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Wikipedia's current cost to tech groups is zero. It's completely free.

The Wikimedia Foundation's $ 100 million budget is currently funded by user donations. Some of the companies he wants to charge, such as Google, have donated millions of dollars in the body. Amazon, however, had not donated anything.

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According to the Wikimedia Foundation, these companies currently have employees and, in some cases, entire teams, working to deliver Wikipedia content through its own systems. The paid service provided by Wikimedia Enterprise will help make this easier, while also bringing in revenue for the nonprofit.

Obviously, Wikipedia will continue to be free for its global user base. In fact, Wikimedia Seitz-Gruwell has stated that the free service currently used by Google and other tech companies will continue to be available even to these for-profit companies. The organization is already in talks with these companies and agreements can be reached as early as June.

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