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Wombo.AI deepfake singing app: Turn your photos into deepfake videos

A new app that makes almost any photo sing (literally) has become extremely popular on social media. This is the deepfake singing app "Wombo.AI", which is available in the form of iPhone or Android app. All a user has to do to turn someone into a singer is to download the app, select a photo or take a new one, select a song from a specific suggested list, and then let the app do his work.

The service is very simple and allows anyone to participate in the growing trend of deepfakes (or otherwise synthetic media). Such tools use machine learning to locate moving parts of a person and move them in sync with the music.

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However, the fact that Wombo.AI is such a simple tool raises concerns that it could be used not only for entertainment but also for malicious purposes. For similar applications - such as those that make people older or apply other effects - warnings have been issued about what they can actually do with the amount of data they collect from their users.

Wombo.AI deepfake singing app: Turn your photos into deepfake videos

Wombo.AI, however, is clear in its privacy policy that it does not "claim" any of the photos used in the application. It is also clear that the application will delete what it calls "facial data" after creating the images. While it may hold some other information, it will only do so to improve the application, administrators say.

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Personal data is sent to Amazon Web services for animation and the analytics platform Amplitude is used to study how users use the application. In addition, the privacy policy encourages users to check the information in this application if they are interested.

Apple recently required all application developers to provide detailed information about the data they collect. Wombo.AI reports that it does not collect personal identities, only minimal information.

Wombo.AI deepfake singing app: Turn your photos into deepfake videos

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In addition, instead of making money by selling or using personal data, the deepfake singing app works as a "freemium" service that pushes people to pay to sign up to get the full range of features. The subscription is 4,49 26,99 per month or XNUMX XNUMX per year - with a free three-day trial - while the app provides fast editing and no ads.

Paying for the full subscription does not provide access to other songs and there is a relatively limited option. In addition, the app has already been used on a variety of people - from popular video game characters to US Federal Reserve executives.

Wombo.AI deepfake singing app: Turn your photos into deepfake videos

The result varies depending on the image quality. Images that are more three-dimensional - instead of flat images, for example - seem to work better, as do images where the "subject" looks at the camera.

The Wombo. AI also points out that the images that show a person's teeth are better. In contrast, in images where a person's mouth is very closed, the result may not be as aesthetically pleasing.

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