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Ultium: The new generation GM lithium-metal battery

Η GM in partnership with SolidEnergy Systems, revealed the latest developments regarding battery prototypes vice new generation lithium-metal manufacturing.


The president General Motors, Mark Reuss revealed more details about batteries Ultium next generation of the company.

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According to the company:

«GM's lithium-ion metal battery with protected anode will combine affordable price, high efficiency and energy density. The original prototype batteries have already completed 150.000 simulated test miles in research and development laboratories at the GM Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, showing their true potential."

GM has released some photos of these prototypes of its new battery.

But in addition to the information about the new battery, GM also announced a joint development agreement with SolidEnergy System, a lithium metal battery company that GM invested in years ago:

"GM Ventures was an early investor six years ago at SES, a pioneer in the research, development and manufacturing of Li-Metal technology and AI battery management software that optimizes performance and safety. The 2015 investment was the beginning of a close working relationship between SES and General Motors's research and development organization."

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More specifically, the new consortium will result in the construction of an original line to be built in Woburn, Massachusetts and aim to lead to "a high capacity battery by 2023».

Reuss commented on the creation of the next generation Ultium:

"Affordable price and range are two major obstacles to the mass adoption of EVs. With this next generation Ultium chemistry, we believe we are at the heart of an improvement in production, energy density and cost. There is even more room for improvement in both categories and we intend to innovate faster than any other company in this area.. "

GM exhibits higher energy density in its new Ultium batteries, which could lead to electric vehicles with longer range or more efficient EVs with smaller batteries.

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The collaboration between SES and GM on lithium metal technology has already created a lot of intellectual property, including 49 patents and 45 pending patents.

While GM is already looking at next-generation Ultium batteries, the first vehicles using current new battery technology and engine system are coming to launch this year with the Hummer EV.

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