HomesecurityPortable VPN protects your internet data

Portable VPN protects your internet data

Internet security experts recommend using a VPN every time you connect to Internet to protect your data. However, despite the protection they offer and the anonymity they provide, VPNs are often quite expensive. An annual assistance to a valid service VPN, can cost you about a hundred dollars.


If you want to get bigger safety at cyberspace and always have the option not to get involved with a VPN subscription, there is Deeper Connect Nano. It is a decentralized VPN device and firewall, which eliminates the need to pay monthly subscriptions for VPN services. An excellent laptop tool, which you can carry anywhere you go and be protected when you connect to the internet.

Unlike a VPN, which redirects your connection to multiple servers, this device acts as both a client and a server, and your IP address changes automatically according to the routing rules. There is no third party who manages your network for you. There is no server, so none of your data will be logged, leaked, or compromised. It also blocks ads, tracking programs and malware across the network, while also allowing you to browse and stream the internet without congestion.


Since it is primarily designed to protect your data, it is worth noting that it has a 7-level firewall, which protects your entire home or business network. Filters even NSFW and NSFC on all Appliances Internet, making it ideal for use at work and at home.

Setting up a portable VPN is also very simple. With a plug-and-play design, you can have instant access to free, secure and private Internet wherever you are. Deeper Connect Nano was so impressive that it managed to raise $ 1 million in donations to IndieGogo. Now you too can own this wonderful cyber security tool at a discount of 33%. For a limited time, you can get it for $ 199,99.

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