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A man fell into an icy river - his Apple Watch saved him

Apple Watches change lives and sometimes seem to save them. This time an Apple Watch helped a man save his life in Somersworth, New Hampshire. William Rogers fell into an icy river on Sunday and things could have been even worse if he had not worn his Apple Watch.

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According to local TV channel WMUR, Rogers has been a skating instructor all his life, but that did not stop him from falling into the Salmon Falls River in Somersworth when the ice broke. The ice skating instructor was in the water for several minutes without can to come out of the hole and though he was trying not to panic, describes the feeling of immersion in icy water as "scary".

"The first thing I did was try to stay cool knowing I had to get out of the icy water as soon as possible," Rogers said. No man was near to help him and no could to "catch" it phone of. It was in the water for several minutes so the hypothermia it started to be very noticeable. "I remember saying to myself, 'Okay, don't panic. Do not panic. "What options do you have?" Rogers said.

Although Rogers could not "reach" it phone he remembered wearing his Apple Watch. Ask quickly from clock to call 911, which definitely helped him save his life that day. "I told them I probably had 10 minutes until I could talk to them again," Rogers said in a phone call. It only took five minutes to arrive The firefighters.

Apple Watch

"I am just happy to be free. "I thank them," Rogers said. "Rogers remained calm and did what he had to do does to ensure that will saved his life, "said George Kramlinger, head of Somersworth Fire Department. This is not a good time to skate on ice and especially on rivers. The ice is very easy to break, to be in the icy waters and to in danger your life, "Kramlinger said.

The Apple Watch has a mode called Emergency SOS, which automatically calls local emergency services when the user request it from Siri or if the watch detects a sudden fall. Some of these possibilities can also be activated from iPhone. There are also others important features, such as the ECG application that helps users identify potential heart deseases.

Source of information: 9to5mac.com

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