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"Surprisingly rare" meteorite: Fragments found in the UK

Scientists have sent many missions into space to "grab" some pieces of asteroids and bring them to Earth. An impressive meteorite lit up the British sky on February 28, and scientists seem to have found some of the precious fragments scattered on the ground.


"The meteorite fragments were recovered from the small town of Winchcombe in Gloucestershire," the Natural History Museum in London said in a statement on Tuesday. The museum described the carbon chondrite meteorite as "surprisingly rare" and said it would give scientists an image of the early solar system dating back at least 4,6 billion years.

Since the rock landed in the city of Winchcombe, it is already known as the "Winchcombe meteorite". According to the museum, meteorite carbon chondrites "consist of a mixture of minerals and organic compounds, including the building blocks of life itself: the amino acids. "

The rare meteorite left Museum of Natural History researcher Sara Russell "speechless." Nearly 10,6 ounces (300 grams) of space rock have been recovered from the ground so far, giving scientists a huge quantity of material for study. Russell said the fragments look like material που was collected from space missions Hayabusa2 and Osiris-Rex.


The UK Meteorite Observation Network, a scientific team of citizens who he watches meteorites, captured the moment the projectile flashed on camera and helped to limited the possible field of debris and the possible origin of the meteorite.

"The rapid recovery and excellent maintenance of the meteorite means that scientists have a virgin specimen to study," Russell said. "It's all a dream come true." Other fragments of the meteorite - which could be found as black stones, piles of tiny rocks or even dust - could be discovered, according to the museum.

Source of information: cnet.com

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