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Top 5 Gif Creation Tools for 2021 for easy gif creation!

The term GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) first appeared in the late 80's by one of the leading online commercial establishments in the United States at the time, called CompuServe, which was later acquired by AOL.

If you are wondering why users use GIFs, the answer is clear. GIFs have the ability to express everything, emotions, facial expressions and a wide range of jokes.

There are many Gif Creation Tools on the market to help you create your own GIFs. Paid versions are fully equipped with a wide selection of tools and add-ons. Of course you can achieve very good results with the free GIF Creation Tools. Here are some of the best free options on the market:

1. SEE

VEED makes video editing really easy for beginners. Edit your videos from your browser and save your projects to the cloud. This simply means you can have a team and collaborate with your video projects.

VEED is a free online video editing tool,but they also provide you with a paid subscription so you can have access to the full functionality of the tool. You can achieve all of the basics of video editing, such as cropping and splitting your video, adding text, sound and more. And then allows you to accomplish more complex tasks thanks to their powerful editing tools and customizable elements.

2. GIF Maker by Giphy

Giphy has long been the default search engine for GIFs, as its library is almost endless. Giphy GIF Maker lets you create and share your creations at the same time. It is very easy to use. Just select the source material from YouTube, Vimeo or Giphy Links and then select any part of the video you want to convert to GIF. You can also if you want to add and subtitles.

Gif Creation Tools

The process does not take long and the resulting GIFs are immediately uploaded to Giphy. From there, you can share, download, or modify them using a variety of tools.

3. GIFS.com

GIFs.com is a site that makes creating GIFs incredibly easy. To get started, paste it URL of the video you want to use as the basis for your GIF. The site currently supports YouTube, Instagram and Vine. If you want you can upload your own videos.

Once you have loaded the material you will use, you will come across a simple editor. Select the frames you want to convert to GIF using the timeline below the video. Then add a caption, stickers and some effects, if you want.

Once you are done with the above, you are ready to share your GIF with the world. You can use the provided URL or download the GIF to reload it into one another site.

4. Make A GIF

Make A GIF lets you create a GIF from multiple images, a video from your PC, a video from YouTube or Facebook, or directly from your webcam.

Gif Creation Tools

If you are creating a GIF from images, it is very easy to customize the order of the photos, because you can just rearrange them. You can also resize all images at once and set a custom speed at which images move.

It is also very easy to create a GIF from a video, because you just have to choose where in the video you want the GIF to start and then decide how many seconds of video you will use.

A subtitle tool is included for adding text above the GIF, but you can not use the preview before complete create the GIF or change where the subtitles appear.

Once created, you can save the GIF to computer you and yes copy the URL to find it on the internet. You have the option to make the GIF public or private.

5. Wondershare Filmora

Gif Creation Tools

Wondershare Filmora has been described as one of the best Gif creation tools. It is user friendly and has many features. You can create GIFs from photos or videos of any format (such as AVI, MPEG, WAV, DAT, EVO, MKV, MP4, WMV, etc.). It also lets you edit the GIF with basic functions such as crop, acceleration, deceleration and color correction. Finally you have the ability to add various effects, text or subtitles.

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