HomesecurityAndroid Auto receives split-screen support on wide-screen central units

Android Auto receives split-screen support on wide-screen central units

Google detailed some of the new features that reached Android devices in a post late last month. It included features like Password Checkup, messaging scheduling, the dark theme for Google Maps and more. The post also highlighted some new features of Android Auto, such as custom wallpapers, voice-activated games, screen shortcuts, and a new screen splitting feature for wider-screen cars. While some of these features are already available to many Android Auto users, the company has now begun releasing new split-screen support on cars with widescreen central units.

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According to a recent post by Reddit user u / My_Name_Is_Taken, the new screen separator is now starting to appear in some users of Android Auto. As you can see in the attached screenshot, the new layout displays two applications at the same time, with main application to occupy a larger part of the screen on the left and the secondary application to occupy a comparative one smaller section to the right. In this case, the Spotify app is on the left, while the app Google Maps located on the right.

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A comment from a Reddit user u / heresyfnord confirms that the screen splitting feature allows users to change the location of applications. But the current main application will appear always on the left and the second application on the right. So all you need to do is switch to a different application and you will appear on the left and the previous one application will moved automatically on the right side.

While the screen splitting feature is only available on wide head CPUs by default, there is a solution to get it in smaller central units. As u / kv1dr points out, you can use an application like HeadUnit Reloaded to modify the resolution of the original Android Auto drive and the new screen splitter will start to function as in the way intended to do it. If you do not have a wide-screen central unit, you can download HeadUnit Reloaded by following this link.

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