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YouTube: Will it restore Donald Trump's account?

The CEO of the popular video-sharing platform YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, said that the account of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, will be restored at some point, according to its current policies platform.

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YouTube: Will it restore Donald Trump's account?

Trump's account has been set temporarily suspended on 12 January for infringement YouTube policies related to incitement to violence. At the time, YouTube had said the former president's ban would last at least a week.

However, according to Wojcicki, at an event organized by the Atlantic Council on Thursday, the restoration of account of Trump will only happen when YouTube is convinced that the risk of incitement to violence has been reduced. The platform will be based on a combination of indicators to assess the level of violence. These indicators will include statements by government officials, the level of readiness of law enforcement and comments, statements or possible hate speech that YouTube may observe on its own platform.

Wojcicki said it was difficult to say for sure when Trump's account would be restored. However, will continue to be suspended at present due to concerns about new possible incidents of violence against the Capitol of USA. Officials are on alert after his warnings FBI, the Ministry of Internal Security and the Capitol Police.

"It is quite clear that there is still an increased risk of violence", he said.

YouTube was not the only online platform that ousted Trump in January after his supporters attacked Capitol. In fact, the largest platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, took similar measures.

Although Donald Trump's account will eventually be restored, the YouTube CEO said a possible ban is possible if he receives two more warnings about infringement policies of the platform within 90 days.

Source: CNN International


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