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The Linux Mint team definitely wants users to do the updates

Last month, the Linux Mint team posted a post on the organization's official blog about the importance of installing security updates on machines running Linux distributions.

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The essence of the post was that a large number of Linux Mint devices were running uninformed applications, packages or even old version of himself operating system.

The post states that one large number of devices run Linux Mint 17.x, a version of Linux Mint that arrived at the end of support in April 2019.

A new post, published yesterday, provides information on how the team plans reduce users' reluctance to update to Linux Mint.

Next to the appearance of reminders to users, Linux Mint Update Manager may require some of the updates, the post says.

In some cases, the Update Manager may remind you to apply some updates. In some of them he may insist.

Enforcing updates is a good option according to the post. The group goes on to explain that new functionality will be configurable.

But we do not want it to be stupid and stop you. He is here to help you. If you handle things this way, you will find clever patterns and uses. It will also be configurable and allow you to change the way it is configured.

Upcoming releases will provide information σχετικά με την application, what the functionality might look like and whether the installation of updates.

Both posts point out that reluctance to update is not just a matter of Windows. There are many explanations for avoidance install software updates or operating system updates:

  • It is unclear how the updates are installed or whether the updates are available.
  • Newer versions introduce unwanted changes.
  • Fear that the updates may cause errors or corrupt the entire system or even boot.

We understand all of the above concerns but there is a clear risk that they will not apply updates that import security fixes. Running old versions with security updates could lead to cyber attacks.

Source of information: ghacks.net

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